Changing Time

As early as the first two days of life, newborns typically pass stool two to seven times each day. Newborns should wet two to six diapers for the first two days, and six to 10 each day after that. 

At first, your baby’s bowel movements will be a thick, dark greenish-black, tarry substance called “meconium.” This quickly changes to a yellow or green color with small curd-like material that looks like little seeds. Breastfed babies frequently have watery, yellow stools. While your breastfed baby may soil several diapers a day, this is not considered diarrhea. How often your baby makes stools also varies. Some babies produce dirty diapers every day, or even every feeding, while others go days between bowel movements. Use your baby as your guide. If he seems happy and relaxed, he’s probably just fine.

Constipation is not common in newborns. If you think your baby is constipated, check with his provider. Never give your baby any kind of over-the-counter laxative or medicine without talking to his provider first.