Burping Your Baby


Dr. McGuire

Like feeding, burping your baby is a great chance for both of you to get some much needed cuddling. Bottle-fed babies should be burped at least halfway through the feeding and then again at the end. If your baby is spitting up large amounts during each feeding, he may need to be burped more frequently.

Breastfed babies should be burped when switching to the other breast and again at the end of the feeding. Since a breastfed baby won’t swallow much air while nursing, he may not burp with every feeding. Both breastfed and bottle-fed babies may spit up small amounts with burping or after feedings. If your baby is spitting up large amounts with every feeding or is vomiting forcefully, which is known as “projectile vomiting,” then you need to call your baby’s provider.

To burp your baby, hold him up to your shoulder, upright in a sitting position on your lap, or face down across your lap. Pat him gently but firmly on his back until he burps.