Shaken Baby Syndrome


Nurse Goodwin

Going home with a newborn is an exciting but challenging time. Babies cry for many reasons, such as when they’re hungry, if they feel uncomfortable, have pain, or just want to be held. At times, no matter what you do, your baby may not stop crying. This can be frustrating for parents and caregivers.

It’s important that no one taking care of your baby shakes him out of frustration in response to his behavior. Shaking a baby can cause severe injury or death.

If you or your partner is having trouble calming your infant, be sure to check his basic needs, such as if his diaper is wet or if he’s hungry. Take care of these needs and then put your baby in his crib. Take a deep breath and call a friend for help, or contact your baby’s provider as soon as possible. Additional help may be obtained from your local New Parent Support Program.