Going Home Overview


Dr. McGuire

It’s finally here: the big day when you’ll be taking your new baby home. What an exciting time! Before you leave the hospital, you’ll be given information about follow-up appointments to be made for you and your baby. Your car seat will also be evaluated and instructions given. The safest place for a newborn’s car seat is in the back seat, facing the rear.

If you need to talk about family planning or to get a prescription for birth control, talk to your healthcare team and get the prescription before leaving the hospital.

Also, ask your healthcare team if your immunizations are up to date. Your provider may recommend chicken pox, rubella or flu vaccines. If you’re younger than 26 years old and have not had them, you may want to discuss receiving the series of three immunizations of the Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, vaccine. The first dose is given after your delivery and before discharge from the hospital. The other two doses are given at two months and at six months after the first vaccine.